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Dog catchers’ service of P. E. “Rad” of Canton Sarajevo, which was active until 2009, was a notorious group of dog catchers and killers who were known by mass torturing and slaughter of stray dogs in Canton Sarajevo. Methods that were used by dog catchers were similar to methods that had been used in concentration camps that had existed in Bosnia during the war (1992 – 1995).
Dog catchers, who were employed in P. E. “Rad”, tortured and killed thousands of stray dogs in Sarajevo until 2009. They were a scientific example of psychopaths. It is known and proven by scientists and during many trials of serial killers and war criminals that persons who enjoy torturing and killing of animals are psychopaths and that their psychopathy always results with torturing and killing of people.
Many people who witnessed atrocities committed by dog catchers (you could just imagine what was happening behind of the closed doors of the pound), felt consequences because of traumas. Unfortunately, children suffered the most during activities of dog catchers.

Dalida Kozlic LL. B.
Animal Protection and Welfare Act of Bosnia and Herzegovina entered into force in April 2009. Veterinary Inspection of Canton Sarajevo issued a decision ruling that service of dog catchers of P. E. “Rad” had to stop working immediately, because its activities and catching of stray dogs was illegal and contrary to provisions of Animal Protection and Welfare Act of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the decision had been issued and the work of dog catchers had been forbidden, they stopped catching of stray dogs.
No one mentioned that dog catchers were criminally responsible for atrocities, which they had committed, because torturing and killing of stray dogs and all other animals was a criminal offense (it is still criminal offense and it will always be). No one has ever been charged with this criminal offense YET!
Government of Canton Sarajevo, which entered technical mandate because people had protested against prime minister and ministers due to criminal and corruptive activities, issued a decision ruling that illegal service of dog catcher of P. E. “Rad” had to be formed on 11th September. That meant that the prime minister and other ministers attacked on the constitutional order of Bosnia and Herzegovina and abused official authority because they breached the Animal Welfare and Protection Act of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
It is prohibited that lower levels of the government order activities that are not under their jurisdiction and that are contrary to the state’s acts. Because of this prohibition legal acts that are enacted by lower levels of government and that are contrary to state’s acts must not be implemented. Implementation of such acts is a criminal offense and presents attack on the constitutional order.
What would activation of dog catchers mean for stray dogs and for citizens?
If dog catchers started working, many of stray dogs would be tortured and massacred in Sarajevo. Hundred thousands of Euros would be spent for illegal massacre of stray dogs. It means that budget money would go to politicians directly.
Many citizens especially children would meet dog catchers who catch and torture dogs on the streets every day.
Please help us to stop this!!! It is illegal, it is against our constitution, it is a criminal offense, but authorities want to slaughter stray dogs in Sarajevo. Legal battle is about to begin, but we want to use all legal means to end this horror, to save stray dogs and to implement Animal Protection and Welfare Act.


In memory of Medo…

Ramiz is a homeless man from Sarajevo. His the best friend was a dog called Dundo – Medo. Everyone knows them in Sarajevo. Medo died two days ago. There is a sad story about a dog that has been a victim of evil people and evil society and about a man who has lost everything. RIP MEDO!


Drug addict let his pit bull to attack Medo in Sarajevo 9 days ago. On that occasion, Ramiz tried to help Medo and separate pit bull from Medo. Ramiz was mauled by a pit bull and he was hospitalized, and Medo was with a woman whose identity I did not know. Medo appeared with that woman in clinical center on 12th August. His wound was full of maggots. He had received some help, and the appeal for help was published on 13th August. Medo was treated in the veterinary station Slatina on 13th August. Huge piece of tissue was developed in gangrene and full of worms. Sepsis was already occurring. He fought, but did not survive.


Keep in mind that Medo is a victim of “banana state”, the police and the prosecutor’s office which are guilty because drug addicts walk freely and do what they want and how they want, that Medo is a victim of the part of the citizens who are passive, Medo is a victim of their lack of pressure on the authorities.


Criminal organisation that kills stray dogs in Sarajevo

On 28th February, Mrs. Kanevcev Nives, chief prosecutor of Prosecutor’s Office of Canton Sarajevo received a criminal report against: Efendic Semir, Mayor of Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo, Smajic Muhamed, former director of Public Enterprise for Managing, Protecting and Maintaining Facilities owned by Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo “Lokom” Ltd. Sarajevo, Durakovic Ramiz, newly appointed Director of Public Enterprise for Managing, Protecting and Maintaining Facilities owned by Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo “Lokom” Ltd. Sarajevo, Sukalo Amil, chief executive of Public Enterprise for Managing, Protecting and Maintaining Facilities owned by Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo “Lokom” Ltd. Sarajevo, Mrkulic Mustafa, D.V.M – veterinarian in Public Enterprise Veterinarian Station “Stup”, Kazazovic Jasmin, D.V.M. – Director of Canton’s Public Enterpise “Veterinarian Station” L.t.d., Ismo Edin, worker – dog-catcher in “hygiene service” P. E. Lokom, and seeveral unknown persons – dog-catchers working in P.E. “Lokom” L.t.d. Novi Grad Sarajevo due to existence of ground for suspicion that they had committed a number criminal offences in connection with establishing and operating of hygienic service.
Material evidences such as documents, photographs, video recordings and names of eye witnesses were part of the criminal report. All evidences proved allegations from criminal report.
Part of text criminal report:
„Hygienic service“ of P. E. „Lokom“Novi Grad Sarajevo was established on 30th May 2013.
In accordance with regulations of Article 29 (Hygiene Service) of the Animal Protection and Welfare Act of B&H, “hygiene service shall collect lost and abandoned animals by causing minimum pain and suffering and turn the animals into the animal shelter”.
There is no activity-code for hygienic service in Federation of B&H, which is proved by certificate of incorporation for P. E. “Lokom.
Foundation of so-called hygiene service as a part of P. E. “Lokom” was done following the initiative and under the patronage of the primary-accused Efendic Semir, Mayor of the Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo, who was also the founder of P. E. “Lokom”.
“Hygiene service” does not fulfil conditions provided by the Animal Protection and Welfare Act and Ordinance on establishing and conditions that hygienic services shall fulfil. “Hygienic service” does not have a licence. This illegal firm is financed from the budget funds, which presents a criminal offence of money laundering.
Since the day of foundation of “hygiene service” as a part of P. E. “Lokom” there have been many irregularities in the operation of “hygiene service” clearly proving that the hygiene service serves as a curtain for extracting budget funds.
Illegal activities can be seen by the fact that stray dogs caught by the workers of “hygiene service” have been disappearing under unclear circumstances. Workers of HS catch stray dogs without any order.
Mustafa Mrkulić who is a veterinarian in the veterinarian station “Stup” performs illegal euthanasia of stray dogs for his personal gain. Since euthanasia of stray animals without medical cause, which is established by an authorized official veterinarian, represents murder of an animal with an intent, and in order to make financial gain, Mrkulic Mustafa has been committing a criminal offence of troturing and killing of animals.
The pattern of criminal activity is clear here: “hygienic service” of P. E. “Lokom” catches stray dogs and then takes them to be killed in C. P. E. “Veterinary Station Stup”. P. E. “Lokom”, which is financed from the budget of Municipality Novo Sarajevo, invoices catching of stray dogs through formally and legally non-existent hygienic service, and C. P. E. “Veterinary Station” invoices non-existent veterinary processing and diagnostic (in the meantime, dogs are not being veterinary processed but killed).
Dalida Kozlic LL. B.


“A secret operation” was carried out in April. My friend and veterinarian told me that one of local hunters had a dog that he wanted to kill, because he didn’t want him anymore. That hunter from Breza has killed many dogs in Breza. He was punished for killing of dogs a few years ago. The hunter had been offered to give a dog to someone, and he accepted.


When I was informed that the hunter wanted to kill his dog, I decided that the priority was to save the dog then to file criminal charges against the hunter. Since the hunter hated my dad and me, and he wouldn’t want to give us the dog, I asked a local man to help me with this. He had taken the dog from the hunter, and transported him to a pension.
The hunter said to the local man who took the dog that if he hadn’t taken him, he would have killed the dog within next 2 days. The dog is safe in a pension now. His name is Rocky. He is 3 years old. His breed is tornjak ( Bosnian – Croatian Mountain Dog).


Rocky isn’t used to be in a kennel so he is placed in a new pension which is placed on a farm. He is in a bad condition. He was neglected. Rocky is used to guard flocks, but he has problems with behaviour. Rocky is aggressive sometimes, probably because the former owner has beaten him. He must recover and I must check all potential adopters. Costs of a pension are 80 Euros per month (food, fostering, medications and training). NEW PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS:  Please mark for Rocky and click confirm receipt.





A local man Midhat called my dad and told him that an injured dog had been found in a village Kahve. Also he told my dad that he had called a veterinarian who refused to help the dog without money. That that was the same vet who had left Bobo to die last year. We went to see the dog. After we had come to Kahve, they all attacked us because I had told them that the veterinarian had to help the dog and that municipality’s obligation was to help stray dogs. I called the police. Since veterinary malpractice is a criminal offense, I am going to file a criminal report against the veterinarian. Of course, I took the dog. I couldn’t leave her with an unprofessional veterinarian and primitive local people. The dog is a female puppy. She is about 5 months old. I found out that the dog had been attacked by other dogs before 10 days. Puppy’s leg was in awful condition. The wound was infected. Smell was awful. There was a lot of blood and pus on her paw. The vet Birsen who treats all my animals takes care of her. She received antibiotics and analgesics. Also, she is going to stay in vet’s pension. Costs are 60 Euros per month.







This poor puppy was wandering in Ilijas. He had been abandoned by some cruel person. He had a demodex. He was placed to pension in December. His tail had dropped off. As you can see on one of pictures, part of his tail is missing. Instead of tail, there was a terrible wound. Condition of his skin was very critical. Anus was swollen. He was also starved.
Andy’s treatment is finished now. He was brought in a new pension on 20nd February.
Andy is much better now. His skin condition is really good, also the wound on his tail is healed.
Costs of a pension are much lower now. I only need 30 Euros per month to keep him safe. Also Andy needs a forever home. PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS:















I was going bring my mum from her work in January. While I was driving to her work place, I saw a small puppy on the street. The puppy was totally disoriented and alone. My father and I blocked traffic and took her in our car.
It was little girl. She was dehydrated and very dirty. We took her to a pension. Since Saturday is a trade day in Ilijas, where my mum works, the puppy probably was left there by sellers of food and clothes.
We decided to name her Lolly.





DSCN1008Costs of pension are 30 Euros with food.


Fluffy was a stray dog that lived near Breza, in a quarry. Workers and a group of local people used to feed her. Cyclists found out that Fluffy had been hit by car in February. She had a terrible injury. Bones were broken and her paw was completely destroyed. The group of cyclists who was feeding Fluffy asked my dad and me for a help, as well as our friend a veterinarian. We had been searching for her for a week, and the vet caught her. My dad and I had a temperature, but we managed to save her and provide veterinary care for Fluffy.

Fluffy’s leg was amputated. An operation was urgent. There was a necrosis of tissue. If she hadn’t been saved on 5th February, she would have got gangrene. Fluffy was in a pain for days.

Costs of pension are 60 Euros. PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS:

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This gentle giant had been wandering and I caught him in Breza in April. He used to be fat boy, but since he was big, it was difficult for him to find enough food. Also, many people were afraid of this gentle giant, and because of that they hit him with stones and other objects. I found out that some drug addicts hit him too.

While he was searching some food, I took him. He is starved and in bad condition. He is placed in a pension. His name is Black. Black is very beautiful, but frightened and starved. Costs of the pension are 60 Euros per month. PayPal:












Minnie was found on 15th December 2013. She was in the middle of mating season and other dogs had attacked her. Minnie was in awful condition. She was spayed.
Minnie had been in the pension 8 months, but she was moved to wonderful Dawn’s Nest 2 on 3rd August. Thank you Marianne Søndergaard Tina Trier Engelbreth Amila Čitaković Ivana Tomic Marko Jerilovic for providing of better future for Minnie.